Sunday, June 30, 2013

Slick Slacks

 "Cough cough sputter wheeze". This blog really needs a dusting after a month and a half! Work and family things have been taking a lot of my time recently, but with the small break in posting I now have a nice backlog of new things to post! Today, I'll be sharing some new slacks I picked up off eBay recently. Summer is always problematic for me clothing wise as I tend to love the colder seasons and gravitate towards wools and tweeds and always neglect preparing for summer. I came to the realization that I needed new lightweight slacks. And with the help of eBay I acquired 3 pairs of NOS summer slacks.

First we have these pair of  what I believe to be '60s era US Navy Khaki slacks, from an the era before they settled on calling synthetic mixtures just plain polyester. Pretty classic straight leg styling.

The Next pair are quite interesting, featuring brown and blue pinstripes and slanted pockets, which existed before the '50s, but became a "new" old thing starting in 1954 according to one of my books.
                                              WPL number dates the pants to pre-1960.

                                                                         Nice high waist.
                                                                     Big, nearly 2 inch cuffs.

                 And last, but not least the crown jewel of the haul. A pair of Hollywood waist slacks!

 The glorious streamlined Hollywood waist. Single pleats, small dropped belt loops, very high waist and no waistband.

                                                  More vintage finds in the next post!
                       Music obsession of the week: Louis Armstrong performing "Potato Head Blues".