Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back with a Bowler

Sorry for the super long delay in posts folks, I've been super busy at work and it makes me too burned out to write up this little blog posts, but I can't leave loyal followers waiting any longer! I have several things to show but I'm going to keep the posts short. Today was historic for me. I received my first ever bowler hat today! Not certain of it's age, but the Hatters Union label dates it to pre-1934!

For people unfamiliar with bowler hat designs, I am only a novice myself but I do notice a big difference is the brim curl. It's very minimal keeping a nice conservative streamlined look. I notice a lot of the modern makers make the brim flare way too much and ruin the lines and proportions.

                                            Frayed ribbon a trademark of pre-WWII hats
The pre-1934 label! The big difference between this and the later ones is the latter are smaller in size and exclude "THE" from the title
    Perfection quality for only $3.50! I can't pinpoint a date on this hat, but let's say it's from around 1930 just to round things off. With the inflation calculator, this well made hat only cost   $47.55 in today's money!
                                               And here's the current replay song on my list!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to the '50s.

Well well Mr. Fall! 'Bout time you showed! Yes Fall is finally coming to New York which means it's time to transition from cotton to tweed! Today for work I went with the late '50s look, which is an era I haven't dressed in since my college days.

    I showed details of the sweater vest in a previous post, but here's some detailed shots of the jacket.
             Thick nubby flecked pattern. A staple for any man in the late '50s. Quite warm too!

                                                  Patterned liner to give it that "Rockabilly" look.

 And here's a little extra bonus for all you lovers of vintage workwear. I scored these great pair of whipchord pants on eBay a few weeks ago! They certainly don't make the material tough like this anymore!

                                             Another nice example of a label with a WPL number.
                                                         Cuffs are medium size but nice and wide!
                Close up of the material and the rare example of a union label sewn into pants the pants.
My recent song obsession comes from a "Screen Song" cartoon. It's a tune that's been sung, whistled and hummed in cartoons and movies for a good 80 something years and only just discovered that it's called, "Short'nin Bread".

Monday, August 26, 2013

Everyday Fellows of Summer

Realized it's been a while since I posted photos from my collection. With the Cicada's chirping their end of summer song I'm dedicating this set to summer/warm weather photos.