Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 New York International Auto Show

Attended the New York Auto Show the other day with some friends, and what a car show it was! Style is once again gracing our cars. And it's about time too! I sported the post-war look with late '40s and '50s garb, and though one would think I was imagining that I was at the 1953 Auto Show, these great new designs kept my attention!
              The sleek Honda Crosstour with a fastback that reminds me of the great Harly Earl designs. 

  Was thrilled to see that 1950's "salmon pink" color has returned to the automotive color palette! You'll never lose this car in a parking lot!
This Rolls Royce fastback get's the lines just right!
While a pretty basic and bare bones design, the current Nissan Versa ever so slightly reminds me of early '50s Plymouths.

The new Hyndai's in general always get my attention with their sharp lines, but the Sonata is particularly a work of art with those lines and big chrome grille. I prefer them in a darker color though.
 I really like the Nissan Venza convertible, particularly because it has the proportions of a small 1940's convertible.
My draw dropped when my friend pointed out this Fiat 500 complete with white wall tires and wheels that harken back to the '50s. I should mention that there were a lot of cars sporting periwinkle paint.
I was even impressed with the new direction their taking for modern wheels. I was never into the boring spoke wheels and hubcaps of the '80s to now.
And this the new DeSoto I mean Nissan taxi. Our generations Checker Cab so to speak.
             Though a show for the latest and greatest cars, there were a few vintage ones on display.
                                           1952 Ford monster truck....literally. It growls.
                                                             1965 Ford Mustang raffle car
                              1960's or '70s Mercedes (I'm a novice with dating European cars)
               Saw these '57 and '59 Cadillac's after the show. Still artwork even if in need of some paint.
                      I have several new vintage hats to talk about in the next post! Stay tuned!