Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm Going to Jackson for One Meatball

 Today's post will be a real mish-mosh. Took a few trips this week, first to Old Westbury Gardens to attend their annual car show, followed by a day trip to my friends house in Jackson New Jersey.

Sporting my usual '50s panama hat, early 1930's linen tex belted back sport jacket, and Old Navy linen shirt and pants. Standing next to a 1940 Dodge, from the best era of car design in my opinion.
With the sudden drop in temperature here on the East Coast yet again, I had time to break out my new gabardine leisure coat before the weather stays with "summer mode" while visiting my friend in Jackson New Jersey.
 For those who watch the British "Top Gear", the quad bike does indeed have an ancestor from the turn of the century. I may be a fan of the Golden Era, but horsing around, even with new technology never gets old.

Some recent vintage finds include this '60s tweed Norfolk jacket.
And this fedora/porkpie which has my name written all over it, literally!!!

Recently this has become my new song obsession. "One Meatball" (1944) featuring the highly talented Candy Candido. Many will recognize his gruff basso prof-undo voice from the talking tree in "The Wizard of Oz", The Indian chief in Disney's "Peter Pan", a mafia messenger in Ralph Bakshi's "Heavy Traffic" and many more.

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