Monday, June 18, 2012

7th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party 2012

What a fun weekend! The Lawn Party was a roaring success! It seems every party more and more people put more effort into dressing in legitimate '20s/'30s attire. I attended both days, working my usual role being an assistant phonograph DJ for Michael (Mac) Cumella of the "Antique Phonograph Music Program" from WFMU on Saturday. Mac has a one hour radio show Tuesday's at 8 PM Eastern time, playing pre-1925 acoustic records and cylinders straight off the antique phonographs. Sunday casually walked the grounds with my ukulele playing old '20s favorites and sat next to the bandstand enjoying the period accurate sounding music and nice end of spring weather.

    First day of the party next to my work station with my two friends. Sporting my '30s suit, '20s tie, Paul Fredrick club collar shirt, Scala boater hat and remix spectators.
Pretending to be G-Men, though my friend claims he is from the year 2040.
For the second day I went with a more casual Ivy-league look and brought my Mitchell Ukulele with me. Sporting my '60s throwback sport coat, '40s gabardine slacks, and my newly acquired '40s tie and "Worth and Worth" linen Gatsby cap.
This man, a tailor by trade, was sporting a post-World War One British Army uniform. The detail signifying that he is a "Duke"

Ziegfeld Follies type re-enactment.

Michael Arenella, the founder of the event conducting his Dreamland Orchestra. Bill Cunningham of the New York times behind him.

The partner act at the party "Gelber and Manning"

Some purchases at the event
I had seen a similar colored '40s tie for sale on eBay, and upon finding this one I had to have it. There was just something really nice and regal about maroon's/burgundy's/lavender's before the '60s made a mess of them.
Very decently made and close to period accurate linen "Gatsby" newsboy by Worth and Worth
Nice big bill, leather sweatband, and close to accurate '20s-'40s newsboy cap proportions.
1920's-esque sunglasses.

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  1. This looks SO FUN!!! I wish we had something like this where I live.

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