Sunday, October 14, 2012

Through the Looking Glasses

Followers of my blog have requested photographs of me wearing my recently purchased '20s era bakelite glasses. Well the wait is over! Look and see!

I'm quite happy with them. They fit just right and are very comfortable. I'll just have to get used to looking through round lenses as I'm so used to my oblong shaped Shuron's. I'll also be able to do impersonations of Harold Lloyd, Ed Gallagher and even the famed Fibber McGee!

Now let's talk about the weather shall we? I thought this was October? Crisp air, colorful trees, Halloween decorations, freezing cold...hold on. Yes, the other night it reached an astonishing 35 degrees and it was a rather windy night at that! I had to break out my heaviest wools for work, and decided to go with the Boardwalk Empire look.
1930's/'40s Sears Roebuck cap, '40s/'50s knit tie, Old Navy tab collar work shirt, 1933-1935 NRA label overcoat, Old Navy tweed pants, bayfield cap toe boots.

 Recent vintage acquisition:

1940's bold look jacket with pre-war specs. High gorge, but big low lapels, and pretty bold blue and dark burgundy pattern.

                         On a more random note, this beauty was parked in my neighborhood the other day. 1951 Lincoln.


  1. Your blog followers are appeased. The new glasses are excellent and well-suited to your look.

  2. Have to agree- your new glasses suit you very well, though I still like your old’uns too!
    Great find with the new jacket as well- lovely cloth… Oh and your face in the third snap is real picture- cheered me up!!!

    1. Thank you! :D I'm pleased that photo cheered you up! Guess I'll have to make more "tough guy" faces for future posts! XD