Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Party

Ha ha happy holidays folks! I just attended a very fun Christmas party at my old job last night, and had quite a good time. I decided I wanted to dress in my best do me do duds for the party. The party was semi-dressy, and quite refreshing for that fact. It wasn't the usual "secret santa" format, rather it was a "white elephant", where names are picked out of a hat and a person picks a present or steals a present that someone already opened. Quite fun!

1926 dated suit, '30s NRA label overcoat, '20s glasses, '50s Homburg, '40s tie, '10s cufflinks, Paul Fredrick shirt, Allen Edmund cap toes.

The present I got from the party. As an animator nothing beats more cartoons to add to one's collection.


  1. Looking very dapper young sir! That is quite a suit, and your new glasses compliment the look and suit you perfectly too.
    I shall wish you the very best of Seasons Greetings now, (I know it's a bit early!) just in case I don’t get the chance nearer the time! :)

    T x

  2. Thanks Tupney, I always appreciate your kind words! :) Seasons greetings to you too!


  3. Where do you find all of these marvellous vintage clothes? I dream of owning a vintage double breasted-suit! Lucky you!

    1. I get my vintage clothes from a variety of places. Vintage stores, thrift shops, eBay, Etsy online vintage stores etc. If your really into vintage clothes I recommend a forum I belong to: It's probably one of best put together forums regarding everything to do with the 1900's-1960's.