Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some Drawings

I normally post anything art related on my other blog "Animated Adam", but I thought for this I'd share some art pertaining to the "golden era" subject matter. I was recently reading up on the famed animator Grim Natwick, known for creating Betty Boop and having a career in animation that spanned over 75 years. I came across this caricature he did of himself circa 1926.
Grim Natwick, the master draftsman.
The 36 year old Natwick was quite a drafstman. I believe this was done with a paintbrush. It's very of the time and I love it. For those who are curious, this was drawn on animation paper, as per the two peg bar holes on top.
   I liked the style of Grims' caricature so much that I took a crack at it.
                         Drawn and inked digitally on Photoshop, (modern technology! GASP!)

My blog normally consists of me talking about menswear, so I'll break the mold with this next drawing.
Originally a homework assignment for college, I created this casual but elegant '30s woman, based off of illustrations I've seen in Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs. Haven't figured out a name for her yet. Any suggestions?

That's all for now until the next post. Ending this one with the usual current music obession. "With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock" by George Formby.

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