Sunday, February 24, 2013

New vs. Vintage

I've been hearing from several vintage enthusiasts how they're going through a phase where they've rediscovered newly made clothing with a vintage look. I myself have been going through this phase. While my wardrobe always consists of modern made clothing, there was a point where the only article of clothing I would buy had to have been made before 1967. Recently I've discovered that a lot of the clothing I look for or want to own has become increasingly rare and/or expensive, and I have decided to look for the modern and more times than less affordable equivalent. Today I'll be discussing a modern made barn/lumberjack jacket, made by Old Navy.

I've been wanting a vintage hunting/lumberjack jacket for a while now, though my knowledge on how to date them is little to none, and with NYC vintage store prices as high as they are I'm reluctant to buy things I can't fully authenticate. Instead, I went with this classic coat Old Navy sells at a bargain price.

           Slightly fitted cut, faux fur type collar with no zippers to be found give this jacket a timeless look,   though I wish it came with a half belt!
      Though it has a decent liner, the shell itself is lightweight and is suited better for fall and spring weather.
The fact that it's classic styled means that it easily transitions to the era of choice. Paired with a wide newsboy and plain dress shirt (like the photo's above) it gives a '20s-'30s vibe.
While pairing it with a medium brim porkpie and casual light colored plaid shirt gives off a post-war vibe. Thus why even if it's modern made, I still embrace it embrace it for being classic.

Hope this gives the rest of you vintage enthusiasts some insight! Might I also add that modern made classic casual wear is of a much higher quality than modern made suits and sportcoats! I highly reccomend Old Navy. Vintage inspired clothing isn't their main thing, but whatever classic garb they do sell is made quite well! (What is this? A word from the sponsor?)

I'll be making another post tomorrow as I would like to share another illustration I made that relates to the Golden Era and along with a jacket I think might have TV history!

Until then enjoy this bit of pre-jukebox goodness! "Low Down Blues" played on a 1928 Seeburg Greyhound Nickelodeon! (I'm quite fascinated with these machines!)

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