Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wool Whirlwind

                               Cold enough for you? It is for me. After weeks of 10-30 degree weather with windchill.
                                      Even my heavy wool army overcoat couldn't fully keep the freezing wind at bay.

 Now we're finally back to comfortable cold weather. We even had a record snowfall 2 days ago, compared to a very dry winter last year. All this snow reminded me I had a winter related vintage piece I hadn't shared yet.

Here's a 1920's/'30s hunting cap I found on eBay a while ago. While it's a flat cap I've been searching a while for (they've become rare and highly priced due to shows like Boardwalk Empire), it's unfortunately very worn out. I took it to a local hat shop hoping they could at least clean it, but they said the material is too fragile, and it risks falling apart. Oh well, I'll keep it for reference.


I recall as a kid not knowing these caps were called "flat/ivy/cabbie caps" and instead referred to them as a "pancake hat". On the topic of cake, that happens to be the subject of my latest music obsession.

                                                                  "I'd Have Baked a Cake" (1950) sung by Eve Young. 

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