Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Out With the Old in With the Older Part 2

                                                                   More garb to share!

Seller had claimed these were '80s does '50s, but I'm getting more of a '60s does '10s vibe. I've been searching high and low for heavyweight herringbone tweed slacks for a while and even if these were made post-golden era, I still have yet to see anyone make a modern version this good. 

Here we have another pair of tweed slacks, which I think date to the early to the 1945-1947 period. WPL numbers were used on garments from 1941-1959, being replaced with RN numbers in 1960, thus the small number has me thinking these are from the early WPL era.
    Colorful tweed material matches a flat cap I have from the same era! The metal hook looks like it replaced a button at some point.

Here we have a new lid I picked up at the Jazz Age Lawn Party this past weekend (Photos in next post). A 1940's Mallory in near mint condition! What really drew me to this hat was the green ribbon!

 And here's the music obsession of the post! "The Teddy Bear's Picnic" played on xylophone by Rudy Starita. I delightful little tune that I'm thinking of using as the theme tune for one of my cartoons.

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