Saturday, August 17, 2013

Out With the Old, In With the Older Part 1

Been getting a lot of new vintage items in the last months and making this a two part post.
First off, I am finally starting to slowly transition my bedroom towards pre-1960's spec. I had been in desperate need of a new bureau for quite some time, and everyone kept saying "go to Ikea". Ikea is fine and dandy for certain things, but their bureau's seriously lack any character, or good looking design for that matter. During a visit to my grandmothers house I realized she still had my grandpa's old dresser that he bought sometime in the late '50s or early '60s of which she allowed me to take! I'm am pleased as punch to have inherited such a grand piece of old world craftsmanship. Goes really with the original Victorian shutters and window moldings, some of the very few details left on the house during an awful 1970's downgrade. If I recall, these walls were once covered in emerald and purple wallpaper, complemented by a turquoise carpet. The radio I've owned since 2007, but had stored it until recently. I believe it's a late '30s-early '40s model, but there's no trace of a manufacturer.

                                                                 Next are some new eBay and Etsy finds.

This suit jacket had been listed on Etsy as a 1970's blazer, but I instantly knew from the skeleton liner and just overall cut and style that it was definitely pre-1945, and with an affordable price tag I had to have it.

 The union tag was very washed out, but some vintage clothing experts were able to decipher it as a 1939 tag with the number "80".

               Next is an article of clothing I have been wanting since last winter, a 1950's sweater vest.
 WPL numbers were used on clothes tags from 1941-1959, the big number suggests this vest is from the mid to late '50s.
You can never have too many ties right? A gaggle of '40s and one '30s tie I bought ordered from a vintage store in Oregon called "American Vintage". Check them out!  They have decent prices and also buy and trade!

Last item for the post is a piece of forgotten music history. A 1950's LP of music by Jan August. I discovered his work years ago on youtube when I stumbled upon the song "The Good Ol' Pianola". The song was eventually taken down, but I had kept a copy of the video since I couldn't find the song anywhere on iTunes, Amazon, or Groove Shark. There isn't much information on the song on the internet other than what album it appeared in, which is what helped me find this record! I'm considering loading a video of it on YouTube as it's a very catchy '50s ragtime revival song! I also have plans to make a UPA styled cartoon to the song. Love that album cover!
On the topic of music, what blog post of mine would be complete without a new favorite song? Coincidentally it's also piano music performed by a pianist I recently discovered named Winnifred Atwell. She was well known in Europe and Australia for her boogie woogie style in the 1950's and '60s. Here she's performing her own boogie rendition of one of my all time favorite songs, "The Charleston". Enjoy!

                                                   More vintage goods to come in part 2!

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