Sunday, July 14, 2013

Boater Hat Birthday

Hello readers! I celebrated my 23rd birthday last month and thought I'd share this silent '50s style home movie my friend made for me! I happened to break out my new authentic boater hat and art deco tie for the occasion!

                                         Here are some photos showing detail of the hat and tie.
            I'm not entirely sure how old the boater is, definitely no later than the 1950's. I'm guessing it's '40s at the earliest due to the font of the Dobbs logo on the interior, but I need to due more research on company logo's through the years. The price and size tags seem pretty pre-war in my opinion. Any hat experts out there have a clue?

                       And here's the tie. Late '30s, no label, Art Deco pattern, now one of my favorites to wear! Excuse the odd framing, I cropped out the tie next to it because it's related to the theme of the next post.

My recent music obsession is thanks to a fellow Golden Era fan and artist known as "Two Strip Technicolor". Check out his retro work on his tumblr page at Follow him now, and enter for a chance to win a brand new 1951 Dodge Wayfarer and Zeineth Porthole television set!....not really but it's worth a look at!

And here's the song, "Nola" (1940)  by Vincent Lopez and his Suave Swing Orchestra. Love the alliteration!

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