Sunday, August 25, 2013

8th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party

Last weekend me and my best friend attended the 8th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party. We brought our Ukuleles and had a fun time! I'm going to let the photos speak for this post, but for those of you who like knowing about my getup, let me quickly fill you in.

        '40s Dobbs Boater Hat, early '40s suit jacket, late '30s tie, modern shirt and shoes.

                                                                     Looking more goofy than usual.
                                                   The co-founder of the event, Mr. Arenella himself.
 Here with fellow Fedora Lounger Dan Hermann, a fellow New Yorker and very knowledgeable on Golden Era NYC.

                                                                     Ed Gallagher's great grandson?

                                            The Canarsie Wobblers perfroming their act.

                                                                               The VIP area
 Here with acquaintence and party Emcee, Brian Anderson. Met him while working as an extra and Boardwalk Empire, look for us in the upcoming season premiering September 8th!


  1. I like your ‘goofy’ picture (not sure how it is goofy though!)- The lady’s face in the yellow dress is priceless!
    Looks like you had good time. I think I must attend this event in the future, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many boaters in one place in my life!

    1. Well gorsh I'm glad you like my "Goofy" face! I had a great time! You should definitely come to the next one, I think you'd enjoy yourself too! It would also be a good excuse to get you to come visit the States! :)