Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chicago and Edward Hopper

Of all the painters in the history of painting, Edward Hopper is my favorite. I absolutely love his depiction of urban life in the '40s. I finally had the opportunity to see my favorite painting of all time, "Nighthawks", in Chicago this past summer, a trip within a trip while visiting Milwaukee Wisconsin. The Art Institute of Chicago has a great collection, including another favorite of mine "American Gothic", and I highly recommend taking a look if your in the Chicago area.

  In front of the masterpiece itself. Wish I could jump in and get a sandwich! Vintage garb that day included:
                                                        -Deadstock '50s Panama Hat
                                                        -Late '20s/early '30s linen belted back jacket
                                                        -1920's wool tie
                                                        -Circa 1960 tie clip                                         

 I was amazed at all the Art Deco buildings near the museum, especially this one topped in glorious regal gold. More timeless and beautiful than any blank, glass cube they build today. I was amazed at how clean this busy city was compared to Manhattan. 
A real Chicago hotdog. It's completely on par with Nathan's Famous.

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