Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Weather and Horror Films

Though Spring only started a few days ago, it's been unusually warm here in New York. It was time to break out the straw and spectators. Decided to go for the '40s casual look.
-'50s Ecuadorian Supernatural Panama hat
-Late '40s Korry hand painted tie
-Paul Fredrick club collar shirt
-'40s/'50s wool dropped loop slacks
-Remix Spectator shoes

 Later in the evening, my horror film classed screened "The Tomb of Ligiea" (1964) starring Vincent Price (one of my favorite Golden Era actors). As a special treat my film professor invited Elizabeth Shepard who co-starred in the movie with Price, to speak to our class and talk about working on the movie some other roles she's played. A very kind woman with a true passion for acting. It was real honor to meet someone who was working in films during that time.


  1. Well, how refreshing to see a college student with such a marvelous vintage aesthetic!! Keep it up! (Oh, and how completely neat to meet the Lady Ligeia herself.)

    1. Thank you for the kind words Dakota! I must say, having read a few of your posts on vintage college wear, it was refreshing for me as well, knowing that there was another student who enjoys vintage as much as me!

      Looking forward to your future posts!