Thursday, March 8, 2012

College Styles

I'm a huge fan of the college looks of the '10s to '50s, but I tend to go towards the more formal end of the spectrum when I go to class. I stick to the '30s-early '50s look most of the time, though I sometimes try to get an "Edwardian" aesthetic going. What I like most about the depression/WWII era in fashion was how the casual styles still had an elegance to them.

Probably one of my favorite looks of all time, the '40s "hep cat". These were the first pair of vintage slacks I ever bought. Hollywood waist, gabardine with exterior suspender buttons. A real bargain too at only $32, compared to the usual NYC price of $75-$100 for a similar pair. I've never owned a more comfortable pair of pants in my life. The tie is from around the same era and is one of my favorites of my collection. I recently started wearing suspenders again and I must say, not only are they more comfortable than belts, the keep your slacks at the proper drape length.
 Another pair of '40s wool slacks I picked up at a thrift store for a total of $3.50, complete with dropped belt loops and high waist. Best bargain I've ever found.
 Blue appears to be my default color of choice for vintage. Mainly because it's the 2nd most versatile color next to grey. Though I've heard by other vintage enthusiasts that it's probably the reason it's more common to find vintage suits in that color. Sporting my early '40s jacket with late '40s tie and modern club collar shirt.
 Another one of my favorite college looks. The early '20s/'30s cab driver look. I was inspired mostly by the films "The Roaring Twenties" and "Taxi", both of which had my favorite golden era actor, James Cagney, playing a cabbie. Here I'm sporting one of my oldest jackets, dated October 17th 1933 and '20s silk tie. The "death metal" pose is our positive reaction after us and couple other friends went to see "The Muppets".

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