Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Weather and Horror Films

Though Spring only started a few days ago, it's been unusually warm here in New York. It was time to break out the straw and spectators. Decided to go for the '40s casual look.
-'50s Ecuadorian Supernatural Panama hat
-Late '40s Korry hand painted tie
-Paul Fredrick club collar shirt
-'40s/'50s wool dropped loop slacks
-Remix Spectator shoes

 Later in the evening, my horror film classed screened "The Tomb of Ligiea" (1964) starring Vincent Price (one of my favorite Golden Era actors). As a special treat my film professor invited Elizabeth Shepard who co-starred in the movie with Price, to speak to our class and talk about working on the movie some other roles she's played. A very kind woman with a true passion for acting. It was real honor to meet someone who was working in films during that time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

College Styles

I'm a huge fan of the college looks of the '10s to '50s, but I tend to go towards the more formal end of the spectrum when I go to class. I stick to the '30s-early '50s look most of the time, though I sometimes try to get an "Edwardian" aesthetic going. What I like most about the depression/WWII era in fashion was how the casual styles still had an elegance to them.

Probably one of my favorite looks of all time, the '40s "hep cat". These were the first pair of vintage slacks I ever bought. Hollywood waist, gabardine with exterior suspender buttons. A real bargain too at only $32, compared to the usual NYC price of $75-$100 for a similar pair. I've never owned a more comfortable pair of pants in my life. The tie is from around the same era and is one of my favorites of my collection. I recently started wearing suspenders again and I must say, not only are they more comfortable than belts, the keep your slacks at the proper drape length.
 Another pair of '40s wool slacks I picked up at a thrift store for a total of $3.50, complete with dropped belt loops and high waist. Best bargain I've ever found.
 Blue appears to be my default color of choice for vintage. Mainly because it's the 2nd most versatile color next to grey. Though I've heard by other vintage enthusiasts that it's probably the reason it's more common to find vintage suits in that color. Sporting my early '40s jacket with late '40s tie and modern club collar shirt.
 Another one of my favorite college looks. The early '20s/'30s cab driver look. I was inspired mostly by the films "The Roaring Twenties" and "Taxi", both of which had my favorite golden era actor, James Cagney, playing a cabbie. Here I'm sporting one of my oldest jackets, dated October 17th 1933 and '20s silk tie. The "death metal" pose is our positive reaction after us and couple other friends went to see "The Muppets".

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Antique Subway Cars and Manhattan Specials

Me and some friends took a trip to the New York Transit Museum to take in the glory of the older days of subway commuting.
 Vintage garb today:
                                  -1933-1935 NRA Label Heavy Wool Mohair? Overcoat
                                  -1950's silk tie

 For lunch, me and my friends went to a small local Sicilian restaurant, "Ferdinando's Focacceria". It pretty much looks the way it did back in the 1910's, tiled floors, tin ceilings, real wood paneling, low lighting the works. Nothing better than having a cold Manhattan Special straight from the tap.
My favorite meal to get at Ferdinando's, Panelle sandwhich with potato croquettes.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chicago and Edward Hopper

Of all the painters in the history of painting, Edward Hopper is my favorite. I absolutely love his depiction of urban life in the '40s. I finally had the opportunity to see my favorite painting of all time, "Nighthawks", in Chicago this past summer, a trip within a trip while visiting Milwaukee Wisconsin. The Art Institute of Chicago has a great collection, including another favorite of mine "American Gothic", and I highly recommend taking a look if your in the Chicago area.

  In front of the masterpiece itself. Wish I could jump in and get a sandwich! Vintage garb that day included:
                                                        -Deadstock '50s Panama Hat
                                                        -Late '20s/early '30s linen belted back jacket
                                                        -1920's wool tie
                                                        -Circa 1960 tie clip                                         

 I was amazed at all the Art Deco buildings near the museum, especially this one topped in glorious regal gold. More timeless and beautiful than any blank, glass cube they build today. I was amazed at how clean this busy city was compared to Manhattan. 
A real Chicago hotdog. It's completely on par with Nathan's Famous.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


A thesis students' work is never done! This picture basically describes what I've been doing since September, animating the traditional way! Nothing better than animating a Tex Avery styled cartoon to the sounds of Paul Whiteman. Nothing vintage in this photo, my casual stuff is mostly timeless new garb. I was inspired by the way Disney Animators dressed at the studio back in the '40s, particularly my favorite Disney animator, Ward Kimball.

-Woolrich flannel shirt
-Farm and Fleet clip suspendors
-Old Navy tweed slacks

I must say, Old Navy does make some decent "golden era" styled clothing, more so for the fall winter season though.


Greetings! Being my first post of this blog, I'll start with an introduction. I'm a traditional animation major at the School of Visual Arts, now in my senior year. I'm a born and bred Brooklynite who has a fascination with the past, mainly the Golden Era, which was from around the 1920's to the 1950's. Though, I do have interests in some of the decades before and after the period. This blog is for me to share my knowlege and passion for this era with those who share the same love for it. Whether it's animation, cars, movies, clothes or music. My main focus will be vintage menswear and such. 

I'll start off with a recent ensemble.
Doing my best George Formby impression

-50's Lee Fedora     
-50's NOS Raincoat
-'40s Tie                  
-Early '40s suit jacket
-Modern Shirt           
-Modern Slacks        
-Modern shoes         
-Mitchell Ukulele      

For those who don't know George Formby, he was a well known comedy Ukulele player in England during the '30s and '40s. He's best known for the song "The Window Cleaner", which I recently learned on Ukulele myself, though I'll never be able to match the precision strumming Formby was able to acheive. 
Here's George playing the famous tune in "Keep Your Seats Please".