Sunday, May 13, 2012

Animation Screenings and a Golden Era Graduation

What a busy week it's been. I had my animation thesis screened and graduated college all in one week. The 23rd Annual Dusty festival went quite well. All the animated films were great, and the awards were all well deserved. The graduation ceremony was great as well, being held in the glorious Art Deco palace, Radio City Music Hall, complete with wonderful music from the mighty Wurlitzer and a speech given by singer, songwriter, and artist, Lori Anderson.

At the Dusty Screenings with my college brothers. Sporting my recently obtained late-'40s bold look suit jacket, '40s silk bold tie and Paul Fredrick club collar shirt.
 Nothing beats celebrating golden era style with classic root beer floats

                                                The Mighty Wurlitzer at Radio City Music Hall
                                             Guest Speaker Lori Anderson
                                    SVA chose a good classic graduation color. A nice regal crimson.
                      Me and my college chums at the post-graduation celebration party. Sporting
                           my 1935-1945 era suit, '40s silk tie, and 1910's/'20s art deco cufflinks.

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  1. very nice! congratulations on graduating! i will also say that you look much more classy and nicer than everyone else in your 30s suit. I love those! that and you made me hungry for a root beer float!