Monday, May 7, 2012

Cars, Cars and More Cars

Now that my thesis animation is complete and the semester over, I can actually find time to take trips again! Went up to Rhinebeck New York to attend their car show, which contained so many antique cars I was overwhelmed. Everywhere I looked was brass and gleaming chrome. Not a hotrod in sight. Being upstate on a Sunday, I went with a mid-1950's ivy look. The only vintage item, my '50s Penny's flat cap. These are only a handful of the hundred photos taken at the show.

A fellow Golden Era fan

 For dinner, me and my dad stopped off at the historic Hudson House River Inn, located in the quaint little town of Cold Spring. A delightful Victorian Inn, established in 1832.
 Not sure if this was originally a movie theater in the '30s, but the Art Deco sign grabbed my attention.


  1. Oh! White walls and shiny red? SWOON! this looks like so much fun i totaly adore classic cars

    1. You can't beat white walls! This was probably the best car show I've been too, I've never seen so many antique cars in one place.