Thursday, May 17, 2012

Leisure Weather

             The weather has been rather unpredictable here in the city. After what seemed to be an endless stretch of damp humid weather, we finally got a comfortable dry 73 degrees. It was time to break out my new deadstock '60s does '30s striped sportcoat. The whole nostalgia for the '30s came about after Bonnie and Clyde came to theaters in 1967. A professor of mine, who was in his late 30s at the time, recalled seeing people around Manhattan dressed in clothes inspired by the infamous duo, though he claimed that fad was very short lived. While dressing like depression era bandits may have been overtaken by the hippie/counter culture rebellion at the time, suit designers indeed were harkening back to the 1930's, albeit with heavily modded details. My jacket however is very conservative and gives off a very classic Ivy League feel. It's very thin and made mostly of acetate, but it' the first jacket I've worn in warm weather that I've actually stayed cool in!

                                  Some more vintage garb that has come into my possession:

                    A '40s/'50s gabardine leisure/loafer coat, given to me as a graduation gift from a close friend. It needs a good cleaning and is a bit roomy, but is very comfortable. It's a shame that the original leisure coats were forgotten amongst the awful polyester leisure suits of the '70s.
                                              A dead stock wool vest of unknown age.
                                                            Possibly '50s or '60s


  1. OOh! very nice stripes! here in Kansas it has been windy and hot (90 degrees) Wish we had weather like yours!

    1. Thanks Beth. And 90 degrees? My goodness, that's too hot for even palm beach linen!