Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everyday Fellows

A lot of people have misconceptions about the Golden Era. They romanticize each decade from what they've seen in big Hollywood movies of the era, or how it's referenced in contemporary film and TV shows. So many people see the '20s and '30s as just flappers and gangsters wearing big pinstripe suits driving Model A's and T's, the '40s as just World War 2, the '50s as Happy Days and Grease and the '60s as The British and Hippie invasion. Don't get me wrong, I love watching old movies from each period and drool over all the cars and scenery etc, but I always felt the best way to get a true glimpse of the past was through everyday photographs. I've been collecting a lot of old photos recently that I found in my neighborhood and thought to share them.

Back of photo says "John Paine in a corner of his photographic store. Dec 1965"

Now THAT'S a cuda jacket!

"Taken in the back of hotel. Sept 22 1945"

"April 1944" Interesting leisure/loafer coat with those button tabs on the sleeves.

Kodacolor print made the week of Oct. 29th 1951. The sailor is probably about to ship out for his Korean War era service. This photo was very faded and took some work getting the colors back.

Boardwalk Empire era. The man appears to be sporting a very toned down "jazz suit".

"Jackie, Jack & John 1962. They didn't know I snapped this-"

'50s party goers. It's funny to think that this casual look would become adopted by politicians in the last 15 years.

These series of photos just go to show how far back today's casual clothing actually go.

More old photo's in the next post!


  1. HOw very nice. i agree with you; its easy to get caught up in the hollywood view of things when the folks back then were a lot like us. I enjoyed the old photos, i love collecting them

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Beth! I'll be posting more old photos tomorrow!