Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

For memorial day, me and the family invited a few friends over and had a small BBQ for the celebration. The temperature is really spiking here. It nearly reached 90 degrees, and felt even higher with the humidity. For this casual occasion I went with the '40s casual look again, sporting my '40s/'50s Brentwood Hobby Jac shirt and '40/'50s high waisted drop loop slacks and '50s Panama hat. Something I've always wondered, what ever happened to big collars? They were a thing in the late '30s-mid '50s, once again in the late '60s-'70s and since then have only appeared on retro bowling shirts and Hawaiian shirts.

After taking an after lunch stroll, me and the guys stopped off at a recently restored 1920's era apothecary for some refreshing egg creams. I'm standing next to what I believe to be one of the earliest jukeboxes. I find the wood and nickel/brass finish to be more charming than the neon Wurlitzer Jukeboxes.

 I said I'd post a few more photos, so here's some of my grandpa during WWII. I thought it fitting to post these since it's memorial day.

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